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Video: Six of the best titanium bikes from Kinesis, Alchemy, Reilly, J.Laverack, Van Nicholas and Snowdon

Got a soft spot for titanium? We have, and here are six of the best titanium bikes we've tested recently

Despite being a sport and industry that is seemingly obsessed with carbon fibre and the latest state-of-the-art materials, it's nice to see that titanium still enjoys huge popularity. There was a time when it was an uber expensive exotic material but it's become a lot more abundant in recent years, with more brands using the material, and prices coming down a bit compared to the arm and a leg it used to cost in the 90s. It's still expensive mind, it's famously a hard material to work with can can't be mass-produced in the same way that carbon fibre can.

With all that said, we've produced the above video to bring to your attention, and viewing pleasure, six titanium road bikes we've tested recently here at Have a watch and let us know which bike tickles your fancy, and if there are any titanium bikes you'd like to see us review in the future, do let us know in the comments section below. Enjoy!

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Our pick of six of the best titanium road bikes and frames

Weight Market price Read more
Kinesis Tripster ATR V2
2,100g (frame & fork)
Read our review
Reilly Gradient
Read our review
J.Laverack R J.Ack III
Read our review
Van Nicholas Chinook
Read our review
Alchemy Eros
7,220g £3,999 (frameset)
Read our review
Snowdon Paradox
 1,350g (frame)
£1,975 (frame)
Read our review

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