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Bike Cape Town

Event info
Thu 05/11/2015, 09:00

Bike Cape Town from 5-12 November 2015, is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a cycling break for amateur enthusiasts in South Africa. The event has been developed by the team from Iconic Cycling Events and gives riders the opportunity to ride in a protected peloton with experienced ride captains giving you the ultimate cycling experience in a fun and safe environment with stunning South African scenery providing the perfect back-drop.

Bike Cape Town will provide a challenging yet highly sociable cycling experience for all involved as you will enjoy 4 days of cycling covering over 500km.

The week includes the Cape Classic 380; 3 days of cycling covering 380km of varying terrain from the remote Koo Valley to the vineyards of the Robertson wine region and the Cape Peninsula ride, a 120km guided tour setting off from the heart of Cape Town before winding through the Cape Peninsula, south of the city. This exclusive event, only bookable through Iconic Cycling Events is limited to just 30 international places in 2015.

The three different paced pelotons will ensure that all abilities are catered for and local ride captains will be assigned to each peloton to keep the group together. They will manage the pace of the ride at the front and if necessary support anyone who has been dropped back into the peloton. The captains will also offer advice and share their experiences of the local region throughout your rides. The event appeals to International riders and local South Africans.

The routes will be suitable for those wanting to have an enjoyable and well organised cycling break or those training for other events. There will also be a free day during the trip, giving you the opportunity to explore the Cape Town region during your visit.

Full professional support will be provided each day by motorbike outriders, and there will also be vehicles supporting the riders. Mechanical support will also be available throughout the rides for any minor mechanical failures which occur.

Water and feed stations will be positioned at suitable points along the rides for refuelling and refilling, with all food being healthy and locally sourced.

To create a competitive spirit, there are 3 designated Sprint Lines and 3 King of the Mountains Pass finishes at which riders are awarded points and at the end of the event awarded jerseys for King of the Mountains and best Sprinter.

The cost of the event is £1250.

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