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Why why why


SOAP at Singletrack writes:

Are there so many different types of Rockshox Revelation forks?
 You almost need a degree on them.

Why is of course the ultimate question. The subsequent whys build each upon the previous until the unresolved tension is almost unbearable. Clicking into the thread itself offers relief if not revelation; mattjg hits the nail squarely on the head in short order. d4ddydo666, however, takes it to the next level. If only Delilah had kept the lights off! Laughing didn't help, either.

My own quest for larger answers transported me not into the fevered and tragic verses of a power ballad, but to that place where no one can hear you scream. Which is to say, I have finally gotten around to watching Prometheus, the Alien pre-prequel. (Short review: Alien was better.) Why is of great importance here, too. Why did the Engineers create humanity then wish to destroy it? Because that's what gods and Vogons tend to do.

PS. Looks like good mountain biking on that planet. Anybody called the Engineers should be able to lay down some decent tarmac for us roadies, too.

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