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They'll all be doing it at Bespoked next year...

The venerable Reynolds sticker set for refurb?

Best in Show at Bespoked Bristol 2011 Tom Donhou came again in 2012 with a collection that was more complete and yet so understated; lacking an individual star like last year's striking Pimento to catch the eye of the judges.

You can look forward to seeing plenty of pictures over the next few days; they really were very good but the really important thing is that Donhou has dared to print his own Reynolds stickers in perfect monochrome to complement his perfect black city bike. I mean, you wouldn't want a green Reynolds 631 on there, would you?

This puts Reynolds in a pickle. On the one hand, anyone other than Reynolds themselves printing the tubing stickers that verify provenance of the hallowed alloys is strictly illegal, even in China. On the other, Reynolds are more than happy for their light, strong and oh-so-desirable tubage to be used at the bleeding edge of cycling style. What's to do?

We reckon by next year's Bespoked, Reynolds will be offering colour co-ordinated frame stickers. Want a bet?

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step-hent | 12 years ago

Are you sure he didn't get permission? It's not illegal if it's done under licence! I would have thought they'd be happy to let him for a show special...

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