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Worth the battering!

This blog is like a bus... nothing for ages then two posts come along at once!

So I managed to talk myself into going out this morning as opposed to setting up the turbo and putting the heating on, and with the benefit of hindsight it was the right decision (for a change!).

It didn't feel it for a start as I struggled down the A15 towards the motorway fly over. A stiff headwind into Stilton before the short sharp climb to the lip of the valley. Great views if you look back over your shoulder, but the cross wind was battering my left shoulder. The same one I have just had treatment on!

Thankfully the Patagonia base layer lets nothing in and I have to say that as an investment it is the best underwear ever.

Anyhow, I dropped downhill into Caldicott which passed in an eye before the painful climb up to Bullock Road, a legendary strip for Peterboroian cyclists.

This climb hates me. It gets to about 4% early on before flattening out to about 1.5/2%. So it shouldn't be a challenge. But even on a calm day it is windy and exposed. Today in 17mph wind with 20mph+ gusts it was a proper slog.

I headed north up the Bullock before the descent into Lutton past the strawberry filled polytunnels.

The road through Lutton has been a disgrace for years. Our club rides an early season tt through there and I am amazed that people use their best wheels it is that rough. But a sign this morning informed me there were road works coming soon and a 6 week closure should make it better. How many times I will forget the road closure and try and ride into the village is up for debate.

As I hit the corner of Ashton wood I headed south into the wind and about 5 unpleasant miles followed before I hit the top of Moonshine Gap and made the downhill run to Glatton.

Thankfully after that the wind was on my side and I made time up on the run across the fen back home.

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