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Why haring and hounding is bringing riders out in Yaxley

I have blogged in the past about the success of our little local cycling group Yaxley Riders.

It all started as a means of getting riders interested in cycling who didnt want to jump straight into the organised club concept.

A secondary purpose was that it enabled riders from the South side of Peterborough to form their own community, website and message board as both of the main clubs were based a way across town.

We have done pretty well and sold a number of jersies and had a couple of socials in the local pub.


One of the recent successes has been the Monday night "Hounds and Hares" ride from the village to a circuit in nearby Holme. The idea being that all abilities can ride with one another at their own speed for as many laps as possible before coming home together.

Of course the better riders in the group complete more laps but that isnt the point. Everyone is getting what they want out of it and going at their own speed, pushing their own boundaries.

From nothing this ride has achieved 18 riders in a month. I only wish the nights weren't going to be pulling in soon as this event is snowballing.

In fact after sounding the idea of a Turbo Training evening at the local village hall last winter I hope to keep this group together and get that event off the ground !

It has been really heartening to see the development of Yaxley Riders in accordance with our new local bike shop "Greenwheel Cycles". Lots of business and riders being pointed in each others direction.

Having battled the wind and cold of the fens for so many years alone, it is nice to see a lot more riders out there nowadays! 

Let's hope there is more to come! 


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stevevfr | 12 years ago

A great success mate, who would have though this could have evolved from our concept only 2 years ago.

No more solo rides as these days there is always someone else to ride with  1

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