The second issue of The Ride, from avid cycling brothers Phillip and Andrew Diprose is a collection of sympathetically written journals from the cycling fraternity mated together with great illustrations and photography. What makes this a great book to own is that it is about the love for bicycles, cycling and how they become a significant part of our lives. There is no prejudice for what you ride, just a common love of riding. The Diprose brothers have put together another collectable edition that makes an inspiring bedtime read. I went along to the issue 2 launch party and hooked up with a bunch of likeminded souls who could talk about bikes forever and that sort of passion is beautifully delivered in this book.


t1mmyb [87 posts] 10 years ago

I bought Issue 2 as well - it's a thing of beauty, with some really good writing from across the spectrum of cycling.

Denzil Dexter [143 posts] 10 years ago

My colleague Dave and I have taken Ride into the lab and conducted a series of experiments.

In our first experiment we concluded that at £7 Ride represents excellent value set against a bike mag like C+ that's about* £4 and has about a quarter of the information.

In a later experiment we measured the thickness of a copy and then compared that to a the thickness of a copy of Rouleur - £9. Our data suggests that Ride is twice as thick.

Next, we're going to read it

*about - that's a scientific term that is

James Warrener [1086 posts] 10 years ago

I bought it on the back of a recommendation on the Singletrack forum. But I am saving it for my holidays so wont be able to review it until July.