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Best 2011 World (Pro) Tour jersey..?

We did this in the blog last year but everyone else has jumped on and done it already in 2011... I suppose I should be sharper and stop working/preparing to be a Dad for 5 minutes  3

But hey! why change a winning formula.. so what does everyone think of the 2011 kits then?

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It pains me to say it but the best of the lot for me has to been Radioshack...


...I know, I know. It stands for a lot more than a cycling jersey and you are either pro or anti Lance. But as well as feeding my addiction for 'tweeting' by having a Twitter logo on ( it is actually a really smart kit.

So it could be on the shopping list with that patriotic nod to Team Sky being put on hold ! 

What does everyone else think? 

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