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Sunday best


If I am going out on a Saturday night, a rare occurence, for 8.30pm then I can get out of my chair at 8.00pm have a shave and a shower and grab something to wear and out the door.

Going out for a ride always takes longer. Always a bit of making sure I take precautions and have tools, bars, pump etc and then what to wear! Will it cover the likely weather conditions, does it all match up, no clashing of logos's and colours. Helmet has to match as well.

Last weekend was typical, started off with a recent purchase of an Ibex merino base layer I wanted to try. Was going to wear a Rapha top and Ibex armwarmers and El Fito 3/4's. Then thought it may be a bit cold and went all Pearl Izumi for l/s top, shell and socks and Rapha 3/4s. Blue and white helmet was the only choice.

Was thinking about from Friday night and again in the morning before the ride. Off to the pub, just make sure it passes the sniff test.....

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