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Focus Cayo Expert...ongoing


Well, you won't be surprised that due to certain weather conditions the Cayo has not ventured forth since....however, I decided to head to the Velodrome which promised to be much warmer and drier.

So, I needed to pinch the pedals back from the Cayo, to put back on my track bike. Imagine my surprise when I found that one of them was solid - and I mean solid. You could not move it by hand. Only after a mixture of vice, GT85 and a suitable large lever could I free it up, take it apart etc etc.

So I'm thinking that if this was like this during my various trials then no wonder I found the Cayo a bit tough going. So, tomorrow will be the repeat of the turbo it's snowing again down here! This time I'll get my thermometer out aswell. Although, in the current temperatures I don't think 20W is going to make a lot of difference ( I am joking by the way......I don't have a thermometer.).

To add to some of the comments/  feedback.  My idea of switching to Campag would not be 'after market'. I quite agree there would be no savings to be had. Being new to SRAM, I would like to know in what areas it beats Campag and Shimano 'hands down'. I haven't read any of the articles, but have found that most new kit is very good, no matter what nationality. Infact, my old Sachs Huret rear mech of early 70's vintage, that was banged out of a couple of baked bean tins, never let me down either........

I do confess to being a Campag chap through and through,  I was however, trying to compare performance against cost and I just don't see or feel the extra cash is justified.  In the same way, I personally would struggle to justify  Record over Chorus for example...........

I'll go and dig the turbo out of the snow drift......

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