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Landis - say what!?


So, he's back

If it's not a comeback what is it? Lance (looking after his fellow American buddy a little) recently stated that poor old Floyd deserves the same welcome back that Dave Millar got after his mis-demeanours with the banned stuff.

"Sometimes I get frustrated with people who criticize his return, and then what, they're going to sign up and cheer when David Millar returns? It's the same thing. You've served your suspension, let's get back on the bike and race," he said, using the EPO-confession of the British star as evidence of the fans' hypocrisy.

So, Lance you think that one person admitting wrong doing, taking a ban, apologising and wanting to do something about the drug issues in his sport, is the same as nearly falling off your bike in a mountain stage one day, coming back a day later eye balls bulging and winning one of the hardest stages in the mountains at the Tour, like a man possessed (with something), getting caught for a banned substance, proclaiming innocence, then taking authorities to court, is the SAME?

Come on big Tex even you know that any amount of spin wont get Landis off the hook and into the peloton scott-free. He has served his time, now he is gonna serve it some more, with every pedal rev at the ToC and possibly for the rest of the season. If he wins a race, then what, will he be lauded, or booed?

I'm not gonna cast aspersions as to what Floyd did or didn't take, and sure there were issues with the testing procedures, which have to be eradicated too.

There is only one way to clean up this sport - LIFE BANS - but I didn't say that, right?

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