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Time to go home....


First day back on the bike after a week due to illness. I am usually reasonably healthy but an evening spent with a couple of mates with youung children may have been my undoing. I drove into work yesterday as I was not fully recovered - how do people cope with all the traffic every day?

Anyway, today was cold and a little foggy as I set off for the office. As I went over a foot/cycle bridge into the city looking at the inner ring road below seeing the cars below it was a good feeling, a little smile inside.

I cruised steadily along in no rush to get to work. The steady pull up St Peters Street left me out of breath without even trying, sure I will be flying again by the weekend. Ever optimistic.

Another day at the coal face with everybody talking about pensions as our company have just announced major changes.

And finally time to go home returning to the bike for the short journey home.

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