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Look Mum No Hands


Just as another local pub closes down another coffee shop springs up. As another post office closes, another coffee shop appears. When that local shop selling nothing but buttons closed, a new coffee shop opened its doors, you may think that there are enough coffee shops already?

Well, you may not be surprised or even that bothered to hear that there is a new coffee shop in that there London town and I went to the launch night of it last week, there was the offer of free beer so I was there to report on this phenomenon. But hang on, this one is a bit different, ok it still sells overpriced ground coffee beans dowsed in hot water for those of us who need our caffeine fix, this one is completely bike friendly, not only do they accept men in lycra but the whole place has been designed to be a hub for the bicycling fraternity, a meeting ground for all like minded cycle enthusiasts with loads of secure bike parking and its own little workshop and plenty of homemade cake and even beer in the fridge.

Situated just outside of the square mile on Old Street it is the perfect respite for your city centre commute. The far wall has a massive projector screen showing bicycle films or displaying coverage of big cycling events which makes an appealing change from the football. Free wi-fi makes it a great spot for those of us exercising our freelance 'flexibility and travel' card. Anyway, that was last week, tonight I am going to be a few doors down sampling more coffee at the Rapha Cycle Club pop up venue. Who needs Sky + when you can watch all the Tours amongst a throng of bike heads and a supply of tea, coffee, beer and cake at hand (unless you live nowhere near London). Armchair cycling in the capital just got a whole lot easier.

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