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Wedding Bells...

Time for the last update of the blog before my wedding on Saturday (and hopefully honeymoon next week; ash permitting).

I haven't been riding that much due to all the last minute planning that seems to have come up and bitten our bums.

One thing I have insisted on doing is watching the classics on Eurosport and to stop the theme dying it was nice to see "the bold" Albert Timmer in a break at the Amstel and having his picture in the 'new look' procycling magazine. Go King Albert.

Last night saw a 90 minute window in the madness of trying to guess how many of our guests overseas right now would make the ceremony and if we needed to go plan B for the honeymoon, so I took the Bianchi out for a spin.

After riding the single speed to much since getting it, there was a weird feeling once out in the country and flicking the Campagnolo buttons to find a comfortable cadence and rhythm.

The wind was a north westerly of some magnitude which left me wondering how I would have coped without gearing.

By misjudging the wind direction it was 3 straight flat miles home into the teeth but I found myself in the big ring on the drops pushing hard... so the training is working.

Now for  a wedding and three weeks off, hopefully on a cruise  1

Speak soon everyone.

James has been blogging for for 5 years and racing bicycles (averagely) for 20 years. 

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    Professional advice is always your gold standard. A GP referal is a good place to start but accessing those services can be difficult given the...

  • Calc 39 min 42 sec ago

    Why the hole?  It's so you are forced to buy their special seatpost.

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    'that was "grippy" / a "grippy" stage' 'i love echelons' ... Adam Blythe

  • Lemonyhills 3 hours 57 min ago

    These would be ideal for security in the garage, and out and about for our bikes lost two in the past.

  • Brauchsel 3 hours 59 min ago

    But if it doesn't look like a car's going to pull up, you find someone in the same-coloured top as you and make them give you their bike. 

  • dabba 4 hours 34 min ago

    I bought an Anker 15w solar panel set to try for touring in Australia. It wasn't a success for me. I tried draping it over the rear panniers while...

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    I'm running a mid 90s chainset (originally had a 6 speed freewheel) with a 10 speed chain and cassette and it all works very well. I might be wrong...

  • capedcrusader 5 hours 15 min ago

    Re: Early morning raid on BV....

  • 11waterloo 5 hours 28 min ago

    Agreed on that, he was definitely part of my first week plans! Not to mention my French riders team - that is in tatters without Le Coq! 

  • biker phil 5 hours 37 min ago

    I'm sure that the reason the Belgian team didn't take him is so that he doesn't take the crown from a Belgian.