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London to Hastings: It's Wen to Wen time again

Riding from the Smoke to the sea

Planning a group ride is like planning a wedding, with invitations to be sent out, cake to source, brocade to embroider… no wait, it's not like that.

It's like planning the bachelor party – mostly for the blokes (sadly; I would love to have more women along), there's probably a pub involved, you have to rent a venue with a pole… no, it's not like that either.

This looks like a good venue, let's see if they do catering


Is it like planning a funeral? Prepared notes, solemnity as we consider the journey ahead into the unknown, lots of black?

OK, none of the above. But planning a ride is a bit more complicated than pointing a direction and saying let's go.

Let's start with this: Do you have any plans for Saturday the 25th of July that don't involve cycling ~82 hilly miles from London to Hastings? No? Then you might consider joining me for this spin to the sea.

Leaving at 8.30 from the southwest corner of Somerset House, which is on the northeast corner of Waterloo Bridge. I don't know exactly how long it will take, but it would be wise to pencil in most of the day.

Route here, though note the last stretch of it (around mile 60) may be shortened on the day to go through Battle, depending on our rate of progress.

Please have a good look at that topographic profile to ensure this is your cup of tea.

Here's last year's ride report.

If you're interested, post below or email me: london2hastings [at]

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