Another month another cold…this week’s is my third of 2010 and although it’s no monster it’s been enough to stop me doing any kind of meaningful training since Monday. So it feels like another week’s been lost in the drive to build up that all-important base fitness.

It’s so hard to resist pushing it when these minor ailments hit. I just want to go and get the miles into my legs but that would probably be the worst thing I could do. If you’d told me a year or two back that the discipline I’d be struggling to find would be restraining myself from training when feeling ill I’d have laughed in your face.

But it’s so hard to feel the good work slipping! It’s depressing to contemplate taking another step or two back before the next forward step is possible.

As ever in these circumstances I’m now looking back on the past fortnight or so with rose-tinted spectacles. It feels like I was really starting to reap the benefits – the prospect of hitting big hills had become enticing rather than appalling (well, sometimes at least), I’ve lost nearly a stone, I’m more toned, the number of miles that constitutes a big ride has been steadily climbing… With the turn in the weather it seemed as though I’d entered the spring phase of training – that the harsh winter foundation building was behind me. Perhaps that’s not quite true yet.

Anyway, with a view to kick-starting the spring training regime I’ve signed up for the Burgess Hill Springtime Classic next weekend, which promises to test my not-very-considerable hill climbing skills. Anyone else going to be there?

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CallieK [1 post] 8 years ago

It's really an annoying thing to start a day of not being in a good condition.You'll probably hate that day.You cannot pursue the things that you want to start about.It's like in biking,bicyclists have become one of the industrial worlds' fastest growing and most annoying minorities,and they recently got Google to add Google Maps for bicyclists. Yes, pushing those pedals might keep you alive longer than someone else – except the years you'll be living longer for are the kidney losing,hip breaking,and rotting cabbage smell,nursing home years.Spending multiple payday loans worth on a bike that isn't a Harley or an Indian doesn't exactly seem the brightest idea in the world.Besides,didn't your mother tell you to leave your toys at home?

Martin Thomas [384 posts] 8 years ago

I think you might be on the wrong website...

DaSy [835 posts] 8 years ago

CallieK - your post is a bit like the Andre Previn sketch on the Morecombe and Wise show; they are English words, just not necessarily in the right order to make English sentences...but thanks for your input.