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Starting from scratch

Going full custom

As a reader I’ve been really enjoying the blogs of late, we’ve had Dave’s resurgent fitness (and racing prowess), we’ve had the joy of building your own bike, and indeed the pleasure of watching someone else do it for you - so I won’t be re-riding those trails, instead I will be taking it further back. Not as far back as a bike-fit mind, ‘cos that’s been done already as well, but rather to the bit in-between the fit and the build.

With the Transcontinental fast approaching, my broken bones are mending and it’s time I (re)started to prepare in earnest for the challenge ahead. Attention is focussed on the bike. Some dude once said ‘it’s not about the bike’ and it’s true, it isn’t. The bike is the vehicle, and the legs are the propulsion system - fitness will always trump design and aesthetics, but that doesn’t mean design and aesthetics are irrelevant.

I’m a believer in the merits of a good bike fit, but rather than simply changing stems and saddles etc to make you fit to the bike, I am going down the other route, custom; fitting the bike around me.

I’ve done the fit, dialled in the position, taken into account the long hours, the desire for luggage carrying, and the need for speed, and the outcome is a simple technical drawing of my new frame.

It’s based around a WyndyMilla Massive Attack, but with a few modifications to the geometry to make it fit what I want to do, and allow me to add and extra bidon. To say I’m excited about the outcome would be an understatement, but first I must temper my natural enthusiasm and wait for those tubes to be hand-wrapped.

And whilst I wait, it gives me the opportunity to come up with a custom paint scheme for it…..

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