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First after work ride of 2010...

Tonight is the night that every turbo ride of the winter has been gearing up for.

The first after work ride of the year is only minutes away and I can't wait. The mountain bike (for the trail down to the river) is by the back door and my kit is laid out on the bed. The lights are charged for the last few minutes back through the village and all is well with the world.

I am looking forward to the isolation of being alone in miles of fenland and pedalling down the grass track alongside the (not too pleasantly named) Pig Water.

This area is a wonderfully idyllic place to ride for pleasure and to relax and unwind. These few Fridays until the nights properly pull out are among the best of the year.

Spring isnt far from being sprung and although winter will still have its claws out for a good few weeks its power is weakening...



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demoff | 14 years ago

Know what you mean JTC, can slowly see Winter losing her grip.

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