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Will 2015 be my year?

James is up and running in the Fantasy Cycling game, but will 2015 see a change in his luck?

It's been an annual disaster for me. A blogger with a self proclaimed large amount of pro cycling knowledge not having troubled the top of the results since Catalunya 2014. 

To be fair that Volta is still talked about and dined out on. A top 3 position overall in a purist game was back up by science... You see I had ridden a couple of the stages and would tell cycling friends that having seen the parcours first hand I was able to pick the riders more accurately. 

That was all bluff. I had done my usual of looking briefly at the form, but ended up picking riders I had heard of and had been visible on Eurosport in recent racing. 

A tactic that means I pick my teams solely on instinct and then sit back and watch everyone else garner large points hauls. 

There are some riders I never avoid picking either based on whether my gut likes them. Timmer for example. 

But this year things are going to be different. 

This year I am not going to just open the CQ Ranking website and then yawn and pick Simon Geschke because of his funky beard. This year...

Let's wait and see. It's brilliant to have the game back and the debates and bar room squabbles starting up. 


75407 is my Yaxley Riders and friends mini-league. Why not join and be another of those who beat me at this game annually? !






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stealth | 8 years ago

I also have a list of people that I refuse to pick, no matter how much the route suits them.
Unrepentant dopers...

I've never had Valverde on my squad...

notfastenough | 8 years ago

I'll be honest, I don't know where you all find the time to play it! I'm a freelancer, dad of twins and trying to maintain some vague sense of fitness. I pick a squad for the TDU stage 1, then that's it. For the rest of the year.

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