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The Great Helmet Debate

Why do we debate helmets?

Do you wear a helmet? Who cares? Lots of people. Some of them, friends and loved ones, may have a vested interest in your head and feel a helmet is a no-brainer; others will be more interested in promoting their view of how a cyclist should present him or herself to the world. And some just like a good argument.

Although I've got my own opinions about the H word, I'm not out to convert anyone. I want to know what you think about the helmet debate itself. This is, in short, a listening post. (Previously I set one up at the site of what may be the www's longest running helmet discussion.) Are you new to cycling and still making up your mind? Has anything you've read or heard moved you one way or the other? Are you a veteran, sick of the endless fascination with helmets whether or not you wear one – or do you occasionally find yourself drawn in?

If you like polls, there's a quick one here.

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