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A hand me down...

In my desperation to do a deal at home and get a new shiny bike, I had to pass on my trusty old steed to the Missus as she takes up the sport.

It's been a tough start to the year... 

I know we are over half way to Christmas but regular readers will remember I came into 2014 in the middle of moving house, with a fractured elbow and a Wife in labour. 

It has calmed down a little. Although the bathroom suite was in the back garden for a couple of weeks, then in a skip. And then a new one got put in. Washing in the sink was worse for the people sitting near me at work I suspect.

Anyway. Amongst all this upheavel a deal was done whereby as a special treat for all of the above as well as my turning 40, I could invest in a new bike. 

You may even have abused me in my "What bike for £1000 blog" recently. If so, thanks. 

I ended up with a Cannondale Super 6 105 and I bloody love it. But thats not the issue here. Not by a long way.

My trusty old Bianchi Via Nirone 7 had to go. A bike that had served me well in racing and sportives for many, many years was sacrificed. In a manner of speaking.

"I am taking up cycling now we are done having kids" announced the Wife, who up until this point had done a few miles and ridden the turbo on occasion, but never seemed destined to tackle Marianne Vos. 

And so a deal was done where the Bianchi stayed and the new bike arrived. That I had thought was that. 

And yet...

Last evening I caught a look over the wife's shoulder and some discreet internet browsing she was doing (not that sort...). She was on Wiggle and Chain Reaction, compairing of all things tyres. 

"Don't worry" I said. "Those Continentals are new on that Bianchi and have not been through a winter yet. They will do you for a while"

"I don't like them. I want to change them"

"They are tyres, what's not to like?"

"They are neither purple or pink James, and therefore they will not do"

I haven't spoken to anyone since as I am still in shock. I think she did go on to mention a pink saddle. But I might have already passed out on the rug at that point. 

Can this end well? 

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