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Tokyo Fixed in Soho


Possibly one of the largest congregations of fixed gear bikes and riders I have ever seen swarmed to the opening of the new Tokyo Fixed bicycle store in Soho. It was as though the whole population of London fixies were present for the launch party, following the scent of free booze like a Bisto kid on skid row. The pavements in front of the shop were 4 deep in one gear, tricked out cycles. Inside the shop it was heaving with barely enough elbow room to raise a complimentary bottle of beer to one's mouth. At least 10 thousand* people in skinny jeans, bobble hats and check shirts were squeezed into the retail outfit that is spread over two floors. If you are part of the fixie crew then you need to check out this place and ogle at the well selected range of products they have sourced. The shop officially opens Saturday 28th November and is located on Peter St, W1F.
Here are some pics I took of the night on our new Flickr thingy.

*possible exaggeration

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