Cyclist hit by corpse thrown from car

Body the victim of hit and run driver

by Tony Farrelly   April 14, 2009 news

Cycling in China can be hazardous, but a 16 year old Student, Wu Dan, was the victim of a particularly unusual and grisly hazard last week, when he was injured by a corpse thrown from a speeding car.

Police said the body was that of a woman, who had herself been hit by the car and that the driver was trying to dispose of the evidence.

According to his family Wu Dan was hit by a package thrown from a passing car, which turned out to have the remains of the dead woman inside. The cyclist was knocked unconcious by the impact and was understandably said to be very upset by the incident which occurred in eastern China.

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that's a lovely story to liven up my rainy tuseday morning after a long weekend Thinking

cactuscat's picture

posted by cactuscat [304 posts]
14th April 2009 - 8:29


Surprise Too much left to the imagination... Pity the sod who opened the package.. and what size and state of remains.. brrrr...

posted by Alankk [121 posts]
14th April 2009 - 11:51