£100m extra for English councils' pothole repairs

Spending decisions will be left to individual authorities

by Mark Appleton   February 23, 2011  


Last week we brought you news about Scotland’s £2.25 billion highway maintenance and repair bill and today the Government announced that £100m of extra funding will be made available to councils in England.

The money will be distributed across the country, proportionately according to the condition and length of each authority’s road network.

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said the funding is: "set at the maximum amount that we can afford to deliver to local authorities during a period of public spending constraint.

"Now individual local authorities have to decide how to use that money, as between patching up - short-term patching up of really serious problems in the roads, potholes and so on - and the longer-term maintenance programme."

But councils across the UK are increasingly having to pay out to motorists whose vehicles have been damaged as well as to cyclists suffering damage to both their bikes and their bodies.

The insurer Warranty Direct estimates that potholes are costing motorists over £1m per day in repairs. Meanwhile for cyclists, in addition to being extra vigilant, reporting potholes using the CTC’s fillthathole website is probably the nearest thing to positive action which can be taken.

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posted by JRuffell [31 posts]
23rd February 2011 - 20:49


What about wales?

posted by simoncon [53 posts]
23rd February 2011 - 21:38


All well and good but how many of the Councils will actually spend the money on repairing the pot holes decently and how many will scrimp on the repairs and pocket the rest of their budget?

posted by Karbon Kev [682 posts]
23rd February 2011 - 22:36

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Haha... I will believe it when I see it.. Seem quite happy to make new speed bumps everywhere.. how about filling the holes in first Big Grin

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posted by xcstu [103 posts]
24th February 2011 - 11:32

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simoncon wrote:
What about wales?

It's a devolved issue Simon, but in December the Welsh Assembly Government allocated £7m in additional funding to local authorities for pothole repairs and salt/gritting. The money is to be spent in the current financial year.

posted by Mark Appleton [554 posts]
24th February 2011 - 16:04

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About time.

CTC deserve so much praise for their fillthathole website. They also have an iPhone app which is well worth getting.

posted by noleafclover [28 posts]
27th February 2011 - 11:32