Six of the best bike boxes from Buxum, Bonza, Bikebox, Evo, Scicon and BW

If you have any plans to go cycling abroad, whether a winter training camp or simply a cycling holiday somewhere a bit sunnier than it is here at the moment, then you'll be wanting a bike box to ensure your pride and joy survives the baggage handlers.

We've rounded up six boxes in the video above that we've tested here at road.cc and can recommend for being easy to use and designed to protect your bike.

Here are the boxes featured in this video: 

If you've never flown with your bike before, be sure to read our helpful guide to flying with your bike. 

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CXR94Di2 [2020 posts] 5 months ago

Bike box Alan

Legin [146 posts] 5 months ago

Very strange; Bike Box Alan are the leading bike box by a Country Mile yet you haven't referenced or reviewed them?

oceandweller [78 posts] 4 months ago

Interesting, but misses some crucial info:

1) prices?

2) weights?

Weight's an issue coz an ordinary bike (9kg in the real world) + spare tyres, pump, tubes & tools inside a bag weighing 12kg will be well over many airlines' weight limits (commonly 20 - 23kg). You won't want a 12kg hard case if you're planning to take a full-suss MTB to the alps on a budget airline!

& prices vary so much this piece really **must** indicate them or it's not really telling readers anything useful. I have a (serviceable but not perfect) Chain Reaction folding bag that cost £200 & has protected my pride & joy on 2 trips to SA to ride the Cape Argus. The Evoc bag - fairly similar to my CRC bag as far as I can see - was £400 last time I looked. SciCon bags I've seen are in the £600 region, which is definitely real money in my world, & I would guess you'd get an entire, very rideable, bike for the cost of that Buxum box.

So, Dave baby, list the prices & weights in the article please, so we can make a sensible comparison?