Road bikes come to Mountain Mayhem 2010

World's best mountain bike festival adds a 100Km sportive for 2010...

You don't have to be a mountain biker to appreciate that Mountain Mayhem is something special. Up until now though you did have to be one if you wanted to enjoy its unique festival atmosphere: not next year though, because the organisers are adding a new 100Km sportive in to the mix.

The 100Km Sportive will be a sportive with a difference – for Britain anyway. While it will be a challenge the aim is more to give everyone taking part a good day out on their bike more in the manner of continental sportives and randonees which are about enjoyment rather than trying to break you.

There are no details on the route yet but the location in the Malvern hills is superb and event organiser Pat Adams promises that everybody taking part will get to experience the beautiful countryside in and around the Malvern hills.

Entry to the sportive is £22 and online entry opens on the 31st of October. Each competitor gets a goody back, which Pat reckons will have around £21 worth of goodies in it including a top quality t-shirt and refreshments. Pat and his team are providing a special campsite for everybody taking part in the sportive, so you get the best of both worlds: all the facilities that go with a non-stop cycling festival without being kept awake by a 24 hour mountain bike race.

Mountain Mayhem itself is a massive affair attracting thousands of mountain bikers every year, road riders doing the sportive will be able to sample off of the festival's attractions and atmosphere in the main arena where manufacturers display there latest bikes and there are numerous food and refreshment stalls plus opportunities for a quick massage or to buy yourself some bike bits or enjoy the entertainment on offer on the main stage… you could make a weekend of it without even riding your bike. Bring the family too – that's what many mountain bikers do – it's a great opportunity for a weekend away in a great location with excellent camping facilities there's plenty to do for everyone and all the activities are free too.

So if you’ve always fancied the fun of Mayhem but you don’t want to ride off road, now’s your chance. The 100 KM Sportive takes place on Sunday 20TH June at 8AM, Mountain Mayhem itself runs from the 19th to the 20th. See you there!

Online entry for the sportive is slated to open on October 31st at

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