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Veloflex launch 2020 tyres with new 350TPI tubeless Corsa

The new tyres are “lightweight, offer greater flexibility and ensure low rolling resistance.”

If you like your tyres handmade and Italian then you may well have ridden Veloflex. While they have only recently approved tyres featuring their ‘sidewall protection system’ for use with carbon clincher rims, the latest designs look to be bang up to date with a tubeless-ready design boasting a 350TPI casing.

The new range consists of several variations of the Corsa, Record and ProTour models with a mix of clincher, tubeless-ready and tubular tyres available.

Tubeless options

Veloflex Corsa Race TLR-2

Veloflex’s Corsa Evo and Race TLR look like the most interesting of the new models. The Race TLR is a performance-focussed tyre featuring a 350TPI (threads per inch) cotton casing. Veloflex says that it uses an “air-lock membrane to minimise air pressure loss.” We assume that this is a flexible latex coating that has been applied to the inside of the casing, making the tyre impermeable.

This would be similar to the method used by Vittoria on its Corsa Speed Tubeless tyre. The method worked well for Vittoria, sealing the tyres well while allowing the tyre to maintain much of the suppleness provided by the high thread count casing.

We would expect a tyre with such a high thread count to be very supple and Veloflex claims as much, saying that the casing offers “low rolling resistance and great flexibility to adapt to any road surface.”

Veloflex is using an “ultralight non-extendable Zylon” bead for the TLR tyres. While the Corsa Race TLR is only available in a 25mm width, the Corsa Evo TLR also comes in a 28mm width for increased comfort on rough roads. Both TLR models are available in black or tan sidewalls.

Veloflex Corsa Evo TLR-2

The difference with the Corsa Evo TLR can be found in the casing where a 320TPI build is used. Both the Evo and Race models feature “resilient kinetic belt” puncture protection. Veloflex says that this belt of “extremely tenacious yarn” runs under the rubber compound, supposedly without affecting the rolling resistance.

Clincher and tubular options.

Veloflex Corsa Evo-2

The Corsa Race and Evo tyres also come in a clincher version alongside the Record TT clincher.

A Kevlar bead is the only change for the Corsa Race and Evo.

While there aren’t many users of tubular tyres outside of the pro peloton these days, Veloflex ProTour, ProTour Race and Record TT tubulars.

Here are the tech specs with claimed weights

Veloflex 2020 Tyres Tech Specs

The tyres are all available now.

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