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On-the-go blood glucose tracking now available with new Supersapiens Garmin integration

Your blood glucose levels can now be monitored on your wrist as you exercise

The Supersapiens smartphone app can now stream real-time data to Garmin watches, for real-time visibility into your fuelling by monitoring blood glucose levels for optimising training and recovery. WorldTour Pro teams, including Ineos, are using the technology.

The smartphone app pairs with Abbott’s Libre Sense glucose bio sport sensor that attaches to the back of the rider’s arm, and can be worn for up to 14 days.

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The Supersapiens app is no longer the only visualisation tool for this data that allows you to fine-tune your nutrition timing. It can also be viewed as you are exercising on your wrist with Garmin watches.

The technology is said to allow riders to experiment with different fuelling sources and strategies, analysing the effect that different energy products have on the blood glucose level.

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Supersapiens also claim that riders will also be able to see how long a certain product takes to cause a spike and how levels are affected by different energy sources.

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Connecting up to your Garmin device is said to only take around 30 seconds after setting up the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor and Supersapiens app.

A phone is required to bridge the data between the biosensor and Garmin watch, and the latest Garmin software is also required.

Also, a device built specifically for live-streaming glucose information will be available soon. “The Supersapiens Reader Version Zero is our pioneering project built to give athletes constant visibility to their glucose levels,” says Supersapiens.

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