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Rapha launches Pro Team Crit range with dedicated race number pockets

The new range focuses on “all-out hour-long efforts”

Rapha has released Crit editions of its Pro Team line with mesh pockets on the jersey and skinsuit that will hold your race numbers without the need for pins. 

Rapha has been steadily growing its Pro Team collection over the last few years and they have just announced new additions, focussing on the speedy world of criterium racing. The new Crit collection uses many of the features of the existing Pro Team collection but adds see-through number pockets and a highly visible design with reflective elements for low-light and floodlit races. 

Rapha - Print_010

One of the jobs that you’ve got to do before every crit race is pinning your numbers onto your jersey or skinsuit. Get a few races into the season and your super-expensive kit will have a new collection of holes where the pins have ripped the fabric as you struggle to wiggle into the tight garment within the confines of a Ford Fiesta. 

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Rapha’s new Pro Team Crit collection aims to help with that issue, providing a mesh number pocket on top of the standard rear pockets that you’d usually find on a jersey.

The concept is similar to the NoPinz pockets and should mean that you can simply slide your numbers in before heading to the start line. It's supposedly more aero too, especially compared to a number that has jettisoned one of its pins. 

Rapha Crit Suit T

Aside from the nifty number pocket addition, the jersey, skinsuit and bibshorts stick to the features of the regular Pro Team kit, though the legs on the shorts are cut a little longer.

Rapha says that the new design is “ inspired by road markings and reflective applications to make sure you stand out on the start line when racing in low light.” Between that and the very bright pink and blue colours, you should be pretty easy to spot in the bunch.

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Rapha has included matching in the range and there are also long and short sleeve t-shirts for “warming up pre-race or supporting from behind the barriers.”

Pro Team Crit Jersey - £110
Pro Team Crit Skinsuit - £210
Pro Team Crit Bibshorts - Men’s - £175 | Women’s - £195
Pro Team Crit Socks - £15
Pro Team Crit Short Sleeve T-Shirt - £55
Pro Team Crit Long Sleeve T-Shirt - £65

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