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Bike shortages: Orbea launches Rider Connect tool to help consumers hunt down available bikes

New feature allows customers to check the current and future availability of Orbea bikes, and reserve them too

Uncertain delivery dates from bike brands is still a very common issue right now due to supply issues caused by mostly the pandemic; but Spanish bike manufacturer Orbea reckons it has a workable solution with its new tool that allows customers to check the current and future availability of bikes, as well as making it easy for riders to reserve and purchase the model they want at their nearest dealer.

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While obviously there are online tools such as a certain huge search engine that works perfectly well for finding what bikes are in stock, not all bike shops have a massive online presence, therefore you might not find every bike that you're in the market for by searching online. It's here 

Riders can view bike models that are currently available at their shop of their choice, as well as incoming bikes and their respective delivery dates, says Orbea.

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Results can be filtered down by both delivery date and distance to home.

Through Rider Connect, riders can then reserve a bike model and manage their purchase at the dealer they selected, or personalise the bike at and receive it at their nearest store.

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Orbea says you just need to follow these five simple steps outlined below:

  • Go to this webpage
  • Register
  • Select a model
  • Select your nearest store
  • Request your bike model in the store of your choice or “design the bike of your dreams” and complete the purchase at 

Do you think this tool sounds useful, and would you like to see other bike brands do something similar to help you hunt down bikes that are in stock? Let us know in the comments as always. 

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