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Orbea partners with Hiru for new spring/summer collection, covering all types of cyclist

The three new ranges cover those seeking aero gains, and there are also day-to-day options with lots of longevity

Orbea has expanded its male and female clothing offerings with a new spring and summer range, made in collaboration with technical cycling apparel brand Hiru. The new collection is split into three ranges, featuring a larger variety in designs and technologies so every cyclist can find something for their style of riding according to Orbea.

2021 Orbea Hiru women

At the premium end is the Lab range. With a focus on aero and lightweight designs these options are developed for the highest level of performance, says Orbea. 

The Advanced range is maximised for comfort and enjoyment on longer rides, whether that’s on the road or gravel, and for everyday riding, Hiru's Core range promises to be hard-wearing and full of useful details.

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There’s both male and female versions available in all of these ranges. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights…

Jersey SS Lab, RRP £109

2021 Orbea Jersey SS Lab 1

Featuring heat-sealing technology and long sleeves, this low-neck jersey is all about aerodynamic gains.

“The heat-sealed waist hem adheres to the body and follows the movements of the rider thanks to the thin and elastic thermal panel that keeps the garment in place even during heavy activity,” says Orbea.

Bib S Lab Ergo, RRP £119

2021 Orbea Bib S Lab Ergo 1

Superlight panels with an open-weave fabric feature on these long leg bibs. A wide elastic gripper promises to prevent blood flow restriction, while a different fabric has been used for the inner thigh area that is especially durable.

Factum pads have been stitched to these shorts. Male and female versions feature padding that has been strategically located and adapted for the specific needs of the body.

The seat area is said to provide 8 mm of padding and a density of 90 kg/m³, while in the most sensitive area 4 mm of padding and a density of 60 kg/m³ is provided.

Jersey SS Advanced, RRP £89

2021 Orbea Jersey SS Advanced 1

“The Advanced jersey represents the perfect balance between performance and design. It's light and technical thanks to the use of a super soft fabric in the main panels,” says Orbea.

This slim-fitting jersey features sweat wicking back panel, a heat-sealed waist, long raglan sleeves and an anatomical low-cut collar.

Bibshort Advanced Mud, RRP £129

2021 Orbea Bibshort Advanced Mud 1

These bibs are for those on all-day off-road adventures: “Anatomical and technical, these bibs are made of Lycra Power Zaffiro for better performance and feature UPF 50+ protection,” says Orbea.

Large side and back pockets made of Air Mesh Ultralight fabric are included for carrying essentials comfortably and safely.

Jersey SS Core Light, RRP £69

2021 Orbea Jersey SS Core Light 1

This lightweight jersey, with a slit fit and low neckline, combines three different fabrics for riding comfortably in the hottest conditions.

“Mesh fabric on the sleeves and side panels provide maximum ventilation and the best breathability while textured fabric on the main panels adds extra style,” says Orbea.

Bibshort Core Light, RRP £85

2021 Orbea Bibshort Core Light 1

These shorts promise to adapt to all types of body shapes thanks to a multi-panel construction. Orbea says the 220g/m2 density fabric can also help by providing extra muscle support, while the straps are constructed with micro-perforated stretch mesh fabric for maximising breathability.

“Supportive elastic cuffs incorporate an innovative 7 cm mesh stability system that keeps the shorts in place without restricting blood flow or movement,” says Orbea.

Some products are available now. Others will be in stock soon, with the expected arrival date depending on the size. Find more details on availability at

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