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The new LoreOne is definitely the most expensive bike shoe you’ve ever seen

3D custom printed open frame carbon shoes claimed to be “the most powerful cycling shoe ever created”, but you’ll never guess how high the price…

LoreOne is launching the “world’s first 3D printed carbon hard-shelled” custom made cycling shoes made precisely for all sizes and shapes following an at-home foot scan as “no two feet are alike”. It’s been done before for helmets with Hexr, and now you can get personalised performance cycling shoes designed for enhanced fit and comfort and also for increased power, claims the innovative brand. It's gonna cost ya $1900 though, that's around £1,378.

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The LoreOne is custom printed to a rider’s feet, and makes use of continuous carbon fibre with its CarbonAirFrame that’s claimed to make the LoreOne the most ventilated cycling shoe ever made.

2021 LoreOne 5

Don’t worry though, Lore has a solution for days with changeable conditions. Foul Weather AeroCovers can be wrapped around the open frame design for weatherproofing, and there are also a couple available for aero gains instead.

2021 LoreOne cover cropped

The new LoreOne shoes use patent-pending Morphic 3D Scan and Print technology. Riders can scan their feet at home using an iPhone and the Morphic app to create a personalised “sub-millimetre precision” fit. The LoreOne shoes are then robotically manufactured in Silicon Valley, California.

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“Morphic enables precision fit and biomechanical performance that was previously inconceivable in tradition footwear and composite processes,” says Lore.

“This combination brings a level of individualised production unseen in wearable goods and allows 3D printing of carbon fibre to maximise strength, performance and efficiency.”

The CarbonAirFrame (CAF) design features structurally interlocked "dorsal and plantar shells", the idea being that these efficiently capture lateral and rotational forces produced by the foot through the pedal stroke.

2021 LoreOne 2

“The structural relationship between these two parts provides the most direct energy transfer possible,” claims Lore.

“The CAF captures dorsal rotational energy and produces increased ground reaction force to activate the foot/shoe/pedal system at the traditional ‘dead spots’ of 6 and 12 o’clock.”

Inside, the custom GroundControl footbeds, made from sustainable PU and recycled polyester, are claimed to stimulate the soles of the feet via texture zones. The idea is that this produces better muscular and nervous system activation.

Lore says that traditional shoes compress the sides of the feet to create retention. “The LoreOne, in contrast, relieves the fat pads (sides of the feet) while focusing on vertical plane retention and a perfect heel cup to facilitate better sole-to-foot connection,” says Lore.  

Cleat hole positioning is determined by your scan so that the shoes suit your metatarsal anatomy. Lore says it will mark your first and fifth metatarsal bone positions for precise cleat adjustments.

Sustainability is also an area Lore has considered. The LoreOne shoes are made with renewable energy and Lore says it will recycle retired shoes, weaving the material into new products.

2021 LoreOne 6

The LoreOne is now available for pre-ordering for $1900 (around £1,378) with the covers included and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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