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Giant Rouleur Live 2021 Tech Gallery - Pinarello, Trek, Ceramic Speed, S-Works, BMC & more

Dive into a huge galley of shiny (and some muddy) bike tech

We're on our way back from Rouleur and, despite the lack of beer, we had a great time looking at some of the best cycling tech available. Here are some of our highlights.

BMC Masterpiece Rouleur13.jpg

BMC's Masterpiece is a stunning example of quality control. The frame comes out of the mould like this and it is raw perfection.

BMC Masterpiece Rouleur6.jpg

The logos are subtle and we learnt that only about 80 have been sold worldwide since the bike's launch roughly a year ago. 

BMC Masterpiece Rouleur12.jpg

Lightweight wheels finish a no-expense-spared build.

Hope Track Rouleur4.jpg

This Hope track bike would be the ultimate hipster fixie. It's also very fast.

Moscon Roubaix Bike Rouleur3.jpg

Gianni Moscon's drivetrain is my idea of a nightmare.

Moscon Roubaix Bike Rouleur1.jpg

Make your own jokes about it being as dirty as his mouth...

Carapaz Olympic Dogma F Rouleur8.jpg

His teammate Carapaz, meanwhile, has been busy with the polish.

Carapaz Olympic Dogma F Rouleur6.jpg

Look at that paint fade too! Tidy.

Ceramic Speed R9200.jpg

Ceramic Speed has its OSPW systems ready to go if you've got your hands on the new Dura-Ace and you feel the need to spend more money.

Ribbe Ultra Rouleur10.jpg

Ribble's Ultra was on display in this stunning British Racing Green. Sparkles are optional.

Lizzie Deignan Trek Domane Paris Roubaix Rouleur5.jpg

One of the most interesting race bikes that we've seen this year is Lizzie Deignan's Roubaix-winning Trek. 

Lizzie Deignan Trek Domane Paris Roubaix Rouleur4.jpg

The bike features a 1X SRAM Red eTap AXS groupset. The chain keeper is a just-in-case measure.

Lizzie Deignan Trek Domane Paris Roubaix Rouleur2.jpg

SRAM Blips sit on either side of the stem to make sifting easier on the cobbles.

Lizzie Deignan Trek Domane Paris Roubaix Rouleur3.jpg

Race notes tidily printed.

Lizzie Deignan Trek Domane Paris Roubaix Rouleur1.jpg

And big tyres for a floaty ride.

S-Works Crux Rouleur2.jpg

This Specialized S-Works Crux featured a beautiful brushed aluminium-effect finish.

Rouleur Live POC Duck.jpg

And we'll finish with this POC TT lid with the brilliant Palace design. It's quackers.

Ok, someone get us a beer.

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