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A bike fit for £25? MyVeloFit promises quick and affordable fitting from your own home with AI-powered tool

To improve comfort and efficiency on the bike, MyVeloFit uses smartphone video and AI to analyse your ride position

Tech startup MyVeloFit is launching “the world’s first AI powered online bike fit”. The bike fitting tool for cyclists is designed to check your riding position at home, and provides recommended adjustments in a more convenient and accessible package than visiting a bike fitter, according to MyVeloFit. 

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The video-based motion capture bike fit service promises that no prior knowledge is required, and using artificial intelligence the service is said to help cyclists uncover actionable insights about their riding position that they can use to improve comfort and efficiency on the bike.

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MyVeloFit says it uses proprietary “motion tracking and human pose estimation” to assess cyclists’ mobility and bike position, with just a few videos recorded on and off the bike.

“Our technology is designed to first assess you and your individual abilities in terms of flexibility and mobility, then assess your position on the bike to make quality recommendations on your optimal position,” says MyVeloFit.

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“The technology behind MyVeloFit has been designed to identify the same body segments that professional bike fitters measure to determine your position on the bike.”

Fit reviews are then carried out by expert fitter Jesse Jarjour who holds certifications from Retul, Trek Precision Fit, and has a level 3 certification from the International Bike Fitting Institute.

Recommendations are given and said to be based on a machine learning model built on a database of over one billion data points, taken from thousands of fit sessions.

“Our margin for error is within that of the leading fit systems,” MyVeloFit claims.

Unlike many other fit tools, MyVeloFit requires no additional equipment and claims to provide high-quality results with as little as a mobile phone video.

MyVeloFit says it is focused on providing a good fit, not selling products.

“We're here to provide an accurate fit assessment and that's it. We have no interest in using bike fit as part of a sales process.”

Bike fits are worthwhile for increasing comfort and reducing the chance of injury.

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Prices start at $35 (about £25) and more information can be found at

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