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Freitag releases backpack that twists onto Brompton’s folding bikes

The collaboration between the two urban market brands brings extra functionality to the everyday backpack made of recycled materials

Zurich bag manufacturer Freitag and London folding bike brand Brompton are collaborating on urban mobility solutions with a new backpack that be attached to the front of Brompton's folding bikes.

2021 Freitag × Brompton F748

The new F748 Coltrane backpack clips onto the front of a Brompton folding bike, promising to “fit and function as perfectly as it does its more usual bike, namely, on your back”.

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Turn this specific edition of Freitag’s prototypical, recycled Freitag backpack 90 degrees and it can be used on any Brompton folding bike.

Made of used truck tarp, the 19 litre capacity rectangular shaped bag (measuring 300 x 150 x 450mm) comes with Brompton’s aluminium front carrier frame that claims to be easily removable thanks to its Velcro straps—the bag can be used as a backpack with or without this aluminium frame.

2021 Freitag × Brompton F748 Oliver Nanzig

Oliver Nanzig

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Backpack straps attach magnetically to the back of the bag for one-handed docking and removal, while an extra long key strap has been included so it’s possible to unlock your door when the backpack is still fixed to the bike.

There’s a double-zippered, padded main compartment, as well as a zippered outer pocket for quicker access to essentials.

2021 Freitag × Brompton F748 Oliver Nanzig 2

Oliver Nanzig

The Freitag x Brompton F748 Coltrane backpacks are available from 14 April for £320.

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Muddy Ford | 3 years ago

£320 !! I only paid double that for the Brompton (many years ago mind)

Secret_squirrel | 3 years ago

So let me understand this?  It fits to a Brompton only if a fugly great alu frame is lugged around with it?  Thats hardly well integrated is it?

I wonder why they dont just use the front mounting block like Brompton bags too.


EddyBerckx | 3 years ago
1 like

That main image is a great bit of marketing  1

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