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Californian company Foothill launches Trainer Tray for indoor training accessory storage

Keen Zwift users and indoor riders can now attach a tray table to their Garmin or Wahoo mount for secure storage of their phone, snacks and other indoor ride essentials.

While the Instagram-friendly indoor training setups of some riders mean that everything they need to easily to hand, for most fans indoor training and Zwift racers, the preparation for a session involves wheeling out a computer table or arranging a stack of books. 

The question of where to put your phone - for running apps like Zwift companion - and other indoor ride essentials like snacks when you’re not wearing your usual cycling jersey can often lead to those items being just out of reach when you’re on the bike.

FootHill Trainer Tray-3

Foothill reckons it has the answer with its Trainer Tray. Retailing at $37.50, the tray is made from aluminium and 3D-printed bio-plastic and features a grippy pad which Foothill says will keep your items securely on the tray during even the most intense efforts.

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FootHill Trainer Tray-6

The tray locks into place via your existing computer mount and there are currently options for Garmin and Wahoo attachments. For those of you that like to dual-record your indoor session in case of a dropout or crashed app, Foothill says that an additional out front mount can be fitted to the Trainer Tray, though this needs to be purchased separately.

FootHill Trainer Tray-1

The Trainer Tray measures 20cm x 15cm so is big enough to hold modern smartphones or a small tablet in horizontal mode, giving you an additional screen should you be more interested in Netflix than your intervals.

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FootHill Trainer Tray-4

To clear the stem faceplate, the Trainer Tray is supplied with a riser block. You also have a choice of black or grey.

Shipping within the United States is the cheapest at $6 but if you want one in the UK, you’ll need to add $38 to the price of the tray. Still, we’re going to be putting the Trainer Tray through its paces, so look out for a review on the site soon.

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