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Five cool things coming soon from dhb, Canyon, Vel, hydra tech pro and Wildcat

Some more of the best wheels, shoes and clothing that we're testing at the moment, with full reviews coming soon...

It was another weekend of dodging showers and inevitably getting caught in at least three of them, but we hope you still got plenty of miles in! The not-so-pleasant weather didn't stop our team of reviewers getting out and testing some cool stuff. Here are some of the best things we're currently testing ahead of full reviews...

dhb Aeron Lab Carbon Road Shoe Dial


This flew under our radar when it was announced a couple of weeks ago, but dhb has released its first premium cycling shoe after two years of development and testing. The upper is formed from a singe piece of aerodynamic fabric for stylish looks and reduced seams, while a full carbon sole is said to deliver maximum power transfer. There’s also three vents for air circulation.

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The shoes feature a shaped tongue and Atop’s closure system for a secure hold, as well as an integrated heel system with anti-slip heel fabric for keeping the heel locked in place. Hollis Jones has been testing these white kicks and his full report is coming soon…

Wildcat Tiger Wayfarer Saddle Harness


The Tiger Wayfarer is Wildcat’s smallest padded harness for protecting and securing three to six litre dry bags behind the saddle. This 160g harness is a scalable storage solution.

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The retention system is said to resist working loose over rough terrain and also eliminates swaying when loaded for predictable handling. There are no weight limits but Wildcat warns that heavier loads will have a greater impact on handling. Jo Burt has been heading off on adventures with the help of this harness to carry his stuff and his full report will be landing soon…

Canyon Ring Bar End Bell


Looking to alert others of your presence on the road or trail, but you don’t want another thing cluttering up your bars? This sleek bell solution from Canyon may the answer. It seamlessly integrates into the bar end of all drop handlebars, and is held in place by handlebar tape. A wire mechanism hits the brass alloy body to reach +85db says Canyon. Jo Burt has been turning heads with this bell and his verdict will be coming soon…

Vel 38 RSL Carbon Tubeless Disc Wheelset


The 38 RSL Carbon Tubeless Disc Wheelset is Vel’s lightest road wheel design. The 38mm deep Toray 24/30T carbon rims promise to offer some aerodynamic advantages over standard rims, while the wide internal width of 20.3mm opens up the wheelset for greater volume tyres and is said to also add stability to the sidewalls when cornering for comfort and speed.

Sapim’s CX-Ray spokes are included to keep the weight low and the strength high, and brass nipples are used to reduce the risk of seized spokes. The spokes are laced to a DT Swiss 240 hubs; “near-instant” engagement is promised with the 36 tooth ratchet, which should also spread the load more evenly than a pawl design. Iwein Dekoninck has been rolling on these wheels and his full report is landing shortly...

hydra tech pro Strada21 Bib Shorts


Named after the Strade Bianche, these shorts were developed and tested in the Tuscany region of Italy, and are designed to be comfortable from spring to the hottest days of summer.

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The “all-day” Free Code Pad features a free floating upper pad that moves independently from the shorts to reduce chafing. Highly breathable fabrics are also to be used to reduce heat spots and moisture build up. hydra tech pro recommends washing these shorts at 500c to kill bacteria and prevent saddle sores. Jamie Williams has been testing these shorts and his verdict is on the way soon.

For all the latest test reports, head over to our reviews section. If you want some more advice before splashing the cash, check out our buyer's guides

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EddyBerckx | 3 years ago

The DNB shoes look nice but it feels like a lot of money for an 'own brand' product.

Be interested to see how they review though

zero_trooper | 3 years ago

The bell looks interesting (and expensive)  2  

Possibly a good solution for drop bars. I can't get over the number of bikes without a bell/horn/siren, or riders who are unwilling to shout out.

froze replied to zero_trooper | 3 years ago

The Lion Bellworks is about 15db louder than the Canyon, and the ring lasts a long time.  However the Hornet bell comes in at 145db!  But the Hornit Bell is not a bell, it's a electronic bell, and the button to activate it can be placed right near a brake lever so you can hit the brake and the bell instead of taking your hand away from a brake to hit the normal bell.

Problem with bells is that most cars are driving around with the windows up and probably either playing music or talking on the phone, a bell isn't loud enough to penetrate all of that whereas the Hornit is, so if the Hornit can do that then it's plenty loud for any situation you might encounter.

Yorky-M | 3 years ago
1 like

Are the strada bib shorts transparent?

thehill replied to Yorky-M | 3 years ago

forget transparent, after you wash them at 500C they will be non-existent

Captain Badger replied to thehill | 3 years ago
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thehill wrote:

forget transparent, after you wash them at 500C they will be non-existent

500C?? that's not your average Siemens washing machine!

fwhite181 replied to thehill | 3 years ago

Blast furnace clean only?

zero_trooper replied to Yorky-M | 3 years ago

File under 'special interests'…

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