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Five cool tech things from Garmin, Suunto, DJI, Tozo and more

This week we're diving into the techy stuff we're currently reviewing

This week's fiive cool things are all about tech, from action cameras you can use to document your rides to solar-powered cycling computers and open-ear headphones. And if you prefer riding indoors, we're also testing the new Zwift Play controllers that promise to revolutionise your virtual cycling experience. 

Whether any of this tech actually lives up to the hype, well, you'll need to wait for the full reviews that are dropping soon. In the meantime, you can always check our already completed, thorough reviews here. 

Garmin Edge 840 Solar cycling computer

2023 Garmin Edge 840 Solar - on bike 2.jpg

Garmin Edge 840 Solar is a cycling computer designed for those who want a long battery life. Featuring a 2.6" colour touchscreen display, this unit offers a wealth of features including an IPX7 water rating (which means it can be immersed in a metre of water for 30mins or, in more everyday situations, it's highly waterproof), a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that offers up to 32 hours of life and of course, as the name suggests, can power up from the sun.

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As with most modern Garmin devices, you also get smart notifications, incident detection, training analysis, and compatibility with various accessories. We're all curious to see whether this one fares as well as its big sibling, the 1040 Solar, which scored an impressive 9/10 in our review

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DJI Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo

2023 dji Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo.jpg

Whether you're an aspiring cycling YouTuber or just want to document your rides, DJI Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo is a camera that boasts it's a game-changer for any cyclist.

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It's got a waterproof construction, can film 4K HDR video and says it's able to provide lifelike detail in high-contrast situations. The HorizonSteady technology promises stable, level footage, even during extreme rides off-road. The camera battery should last 160 minutes and be operational even in temperatures as low as -20°C. 

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TOZO OpenReal headphones

2023 TOZO OpenReal Air Conduction Sport Headphones.jpg

There are quite a few open-ear headphones (also called bone-conduction headphones) out there nowadays, and the Tozo OpenReal are one of them. These headphones connect with Bluetooth 5.3 and feature an open-ear design, which means they rest on your ears without entering the ear canal. This should allow you to hear your surroundings. 

TOZO says these also provide a rich, transparent sound, akin to a live concert experience (except, we'd expect, when you're descending at 60km/h). There is a touch panel that allows for easy music control, volume adjustment, and call handling.

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Zwift Play controllers

Zwift Play

Zwift is becoming ever more game-like and these Play controllers only confirm that. These Bluetooth handlebar remotes eliminate the need for a keyboard on your Zwift session and allow you to navigate menus, control workouts, select routes, and even activate PowerUps without taking your hands off the handlebars. 

> How to get started with Zwift

In addition to those basic functions, they also enable steering and braking control, which should make racing and group rides a more realistic experience. With the indoor racing season right around the corner, we're excited to put these through their paces! 

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Suunto Smart heart rate monitor

2022 Suunto Heart Rate Belt 1.jpg

Suunto Smart heart rate monitor is designed for sports that can disrupt wrist-based heart rate monitoring - such as cycling. Perhaps the most interesting feature of this monitor is that it has an R-R memory for recording data when the data receiving device isn't within Bluetooth range - although this function only works with selected Suunto watches. 

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Suvi joined F-At in 2022, first writing for She's since joined the tech hub, and contributes to all of the sites covering tech news, features, reviews and women's cycling content. Lover of long-distance cycling, Suvi is easily convinced to join any rides and events that cover over 100km, and ideally, plenty of cake and coffee stops. 

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Veloism | 7 months ago

"Tech that's been out ages but we're so far behind, we're only just reviewing it" laugh

MattieKempy replied to Veloism | 7 months ago

Veloism wrote:

"Tech that's been out ages but we're so far behind, we're only just reviewing it" laugh

True, but I don't recall anyone being compelled to read it.

Kendalred | 7 months ago

Technically speaking those TOZO earphones are not bone conducting - in fact the blurb on the Amazon link makes that differentiation. Apparently they pipe the music directly into the ear, and sit on the edge of the ear (rather than in the ear canal), so I would have thought they would block out ambient sound better than purely bone conducting headphones, which if you're cycling is not really a good thing? In fact one of the reviews says "the noise cancelling works really well. It's kind of odd that I see people talking but can't hear them just the music and there is nothing in my ear."

cyclisto | 7 months ago

Saw the Zwift controler and I expected at least a set of IR guided missiles. Clickbaited by

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