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Cinelli updates Hobootleg travel bikes for 2021 adventures

Revised geometries and new features have been unveiled on Cinelli's range of double-butted Columbus steel bikes

In the hope that 2021 will see more opportunities to travel and see the world from two-wheels, Cinelli’s travel line, the Hobootleg, has several revisions to better cater for long distance adventure needs.

Cinelli has revised the geometries of these double-butted Columbus steel bikes and included new features.

2021 Hobootleg Geo 1

The Indigo Hobootleg Geo (£2,149) is for long distance off-road adventures, with its Cinelli Largo flared handlebars, 29-inch wheels and 2.25-inch WTB Ranger tyres that feature a stylish tan sidewall.

“It is confident on mountain climbs and trails, gives great satisfaction on single tracks and keeps extremely manageable even when fully loaded,” Cinelli says.

2021 Hobootleg Geo 2

Plugged in at the front is the new Columbus Adventure carbon fork, with a double rake system that is said to “calibrate responsiveness and handling according to terrain and load”.

This fork is carbon with aluminium inserts that allow you to alter the fork offset from 45mm to 50mm.

Also included are internal guides for mounting a dynamo in the hub for a reliable lighting system and triple eyelets for bikepacking.

The versatile WTB Volt Saddle, which has an upward curved tail and gentle drop at the nose, has also been fitted for 2021.

The Geo has a Shimano 2x10 setup with 36/26 chainrings and a 11-34 cassette.

2021 Hobootleg Easy Travel 3

The Brown Sugar Hobootleg Easy Travel (£1,349) now has disc brakes and is quick release for “fast wheel dismounting in all circumstances”.

2021 Hobootleg Easy Travel 2

External cable routing on this versatile bike should also ensure easy maintenance.

2021 Hobootleg Interrail 1

Along with a new blue Emerald Pathway colourway, the updated Hobootleg Interrail sees a revised geometry. The stack and reach have been altered to achieve a position that promises to be comfortable for long rides.

2021 Hobootleg Interrail 2

Cinelli’s Double Trouble handlebar has been chosen as it is said to “guarantee a series of grips and positions to functionally vary posture and efficiency when climbing or to increase aerodynamics”.

Front and rear mudguards are fitted as standard, three eyelets are included on the fork for gorilla cages and the Interrail is rear rack ready.

Video from Cinelli on Vimeo.

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