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BMC partner with real-time aero data tech developers Body Rocket

Body Rocket is the start up behind a device which gives real-time wind tunnel data to riders out on the road

The Brighton-based tech company Body Rocket is joining forces with Swiss bike brand BMC to refine its device which provides real-time drag measurements for cyclists.

2021 Body Rocket BMC 2

The partnership is said to provide Body Rocket development opportunities, by being able to refine and perfect the accuracy of its device on BMC bikes, while also giving BMC a performance insight into the link between its bikes and the athletes riding them.

Body Rocket says its technology will provide “accurately measured aerodynamics data for cyclists in real-time and in real conditions, on the road”—with this accuracy claimed to be within 0.3% of wind tunnel data.

Body Rocket put this video together when it was raising money for the project on CrowdCube last year (its target was £80,000 and it raised over £250,000) which briefly explains the concept.

From Body Rocket CrowdCube on Vimeo.

Unlike existing products which provide aerodynamic data using estimates to calculate drag, Body Rocket says that its patented aero system directly measures drag force and is said to use some of the same technology as wind tunnels.

2021 Body Rocket explainer 2

The system is fitted discreetly to the bike and consists of three sensors which are positioned on the stem, seat post and pedals, to constantly collect data.

Body Rocket says this gives a more complete picture of a cyclist’s aerodynamics than a wind tunnel because of the wider range of different wind conditions encountered.

With Body Rocket’s technology, riders are said to be able to make decisions about when and how to adjust positions to optimise their performance as conditions shift from headwinds to crosswinds.

2021 Body Rocket explainer

Using Garmin’s ConnectIQ platform, metrics like drag and wind direction/speed can be displayed on your GPS unit.

“With the body accounting for 80% of drag, empowering the rider with the ability to use live data to optimise their body performance tool,” says Body Rocket.

"After each session you will have a comprehensive picture of your aerodynamic data which you can analyse to identify incremental improvements."

The only other real-time drag measuring device we've used on is the Velocomp AeroPod.

The Body Rocket device should be available to buy at the end of 2021.

The initial product, which will include a power meter, is expected to launch at a price somewhere from £1,499 to £1,999.

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