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Adidas’ radical-looking 3D CMPT glasses are super-light... and super-pricey

Just 150 of these 3D printed glasses are going on sale, promising maximum ventilation and a weight of just 20g

Adidas Eyewear has unveiled its new 3D printed performance sunnies with a one-piece frame that weighs in at a featherlight 20g, so the brand claims.

2021 Adidas 3D CMPT 3

The new 3D CMPT frame has been manufactured with the newest generation of 3D printers and in partnership with Marcolin Group, “using a flexible nylon structure that is treated with a special coating that creates a rubberised effect across the entire spiralling textured surface”, according to Adidas.

Adidas claims the 3D CMPT enters a new category of eyewear, not just in its aesthetics, but also in functionality.

2021 Adidas 3D CMPT glasses

Lots of glasses we review on are around the 30g mark. For example, Alba Optics produces some pretty lightweight glasses with its Stratos and Delta models, but they’re 10g heavier than the 20g 3D CMPT glasses. Does a 33% weight saving make a difference when we're talking about such small figures to start with? We'd be interested to find out whether there's any benefit in terms of comfort.

Okay, so it’s not just the weight savings, the 3D open-structure frame is also said to allow for maximum ventilation.

2021 Adidas 3d CMPT glasses

Non-slip contact points on the nose pads and end tips are also promised to give the frame an extremely comfortable fit while ensuring stability and dynamism through training, competition, or all-day wear.

The price? $415. That’s just shy of £300.

The 3D CMPT sunglasses will be available exclusively at and during Creative Club Week for Club members week starting 23 August 2021.

Adidas re-entered road cycling footwear after 15 years with its laced Road Shoe in 2020, and then it launched its Velosamba SPD cycling shoes for city cyclists earlier this year. What cycling gear is going to be next from the mainstream sportswear brand?

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RobD | 2 years ago

Do they come in white? If not, no thanks

oceandweller | 2 years ago

20g doesn't sound all that impressive. Just weighed my nothing fancy regular riding glasses, 33g. & that's with metal frames & thick, high prescription lenses. Even my MTB glasses (would survive low-yield nuclear weapons) are only 46g, complete with thick, face-covering lenses. Can't help thinking we might be looking at Veblen goods (google it) here?

RoubaixCube | 2 years ago

my bollie SILIUM+ is 22g 

HarryTrauts | 2 years ago
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If the lightness of these glasses is a USP, even though it is an incredibly minimal gain, should we also know about the impact on aero-ness given all those extra leading edges?

maxdabrit | 2 years ago

$415 for glasses that don't say Rapha on the side? Nah!!!!😄

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