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Specialized launches all-new £90 Torch 1.0 shoe

New £90 shoes with top-end tech including Boa dial retention and BG tech

Specialized has launched a brand new Torch 1.0 shoe today, integrating features first seen on the range-topping S-Works 7 shoes and priced at £90.

Specialized’s top-end S-Works shoes might garner all the attention, but it’s the Torch range where many consumers eyes will likely fall when shopping for new shoes. We’ve tested previous Torch shoes and been very impressed.

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ROAD-3030 Torch 1.0 Social Organic_6

Key features on the new Torch 1.0 shoes include the familiar Body Geometry tech, so that’s Varus Wedge, Longitudinal Arch, Metatarsal Button, which together are aimed at providing better comfort and support.

The synthetic upper comprises a single Boa L6 dial to clamp the shoe onto the foot, providing easy on-the-fly adjustment, and a volume adjusting velcro strap across the toe box.

Am injection-moulded nylon composite sole has a stiffness index rating of 6 (S-Works 7 shoes have a rating of 15) which basically means they’re not as incredibly stiff as a race-bred shoe like the 7 but likely enough to meet the demands of regular cyclists who aren’t laying down 1,000 watts is a race finish sprint.

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A standard three-bolt cleat interface works with most clipless pedal cleats. Claimed weight for a size 42 single shoe is 263g. You’ve got a choice of three colours, aqua, black and hyper.

Specialized reckons no other shoe can compete with the Torch 1.0 at this price, which is a challenge we accept and we’ll duly be testing them to see how they compare to other similarly priced shoes.

They’re available in shoes now, more info at

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