Check out this compact and quick fitting saddle pack

They’re not for everyone, but there’s no disputing the practical benefits of a saddle pack for carrying spares and essentials conveniently on your bike. There are a million and one to choose from though, and now there’s another one to add to your shortlist, the SNAP.B, claimed by its maker to be the “world’s fastest saddle bag” and which has just launched on Kickstarter, where it’s hoping to raise an ambitious £26,704.

The inventor of the SNAP.B tells us that he looked at all the pros and cons of existing saddle bags and then set out to create a better saddle bag, which took him two years. He offers four key benefits to his design but the main one, and the key objective of the design was to find a quick and simple means to attach the bag to the saddle.

The SNAP.B uses the company’s patent-pending  F.A.S.T. (Full Adaptive Snap Technology) system, a quick release system with a central T-bar that aligns and stabilises the pack with a pair of plastic wings that clamp around the saddle rails.

This video demonstrates how easy it appears to operate. There are other quick release packs on the market, but they require specific saddles and parts, such as the Fizik system.

Other benefits according to the designer are its storage to form factor ratio, versatility with a “Flexi-Frame + sleeve concept” allowing extra storage to be added on when needed, and most subjectively, it’s stylish. I’m definitely a fan of small and compact saddle packs and the SNAP.B does appear to be both those things.

Despite its diminutive size, the company says the pack maximises its space between the saddle rails and provides space for a “full-size tire level vs a flimsy one, a CO2 inflator with flow control vs one without and a full function multi-tool with chain tool vs a compact one with limited tools.” If additional storage is needed the compact sleeve can be swapped for an extended sleeve, with the SNAP.B frame opening up, with space then for two spare tubes and two Co2 canisters and an energy gel.

snap.b saddle bag3

The unique design is claimed to work with any saddle provided it has two rails with a typical saddle shell, and no tools are needed. Lights, mudguards and even a GoPro can be attached to the SNAP.B using the X-Port accessory port.

snap.b saddle bag2

The SNAP.B has got us intrigued and we're definitely keen to take a closer look and see how its claims stack up under our testing. If you like the look of it you can show them some support over on Kickstarter now 

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