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Ekoi release Perso Evo 9 shades, "the world's first four in one sunglasses"

The ever-evolving French brand have launched shades that are fully customisable, with the upper and lower parts of the frames removable and lenses courtesy of Zeiss

Following the one-size bib shorts and jersey that eliminates tan lines, Ekoi have struck again with 'four in one' shades, with frames that can be configured in different ways ranging from full frame to frameless depending on your preferences. 

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​They weigh from 35g in their frameless guise up to 43g with full frames (see image above for the four different styles) and the nosepiece is also adjustable. Using Ekoi's online configurator for the shades, countless different colour and style combinations are possible, among them the French, Spanish and Italian national flags for the top of the frames (no Union Jack for the British patriots out there unfortunately) and options to change the lens type.    
All of the lens options are courtesy of revered optics brand Zeiss, made out of tough polycarbonate and featuring anti-reflection and 'Ri.PEL' water repellent treatments, plus full UVA and UVB protection. 


They're currently being worn by the Quick-Step Floors team at the Giro including Elia Viviani and Fabio Aru (as you can see we've tried to mock up some Maglia Rosa-themed shades on Ekoi's site, although the pink is a little off), and if you like the look of them you'll be pleased to know they're not outrageously expensive either; if you choose a set with the orange or yellow Category 1 Zeiss lenses they come in at under £80, while the Category 3 mirrored options are £87.56, and the Photochromatic versions are £105. Check them out on Ekoi's website to get designing your own; or alternatively hold on for our review, we'll be looking to get some in soon...  

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