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Grab an Aldi Specialbuys cycling bargain on 28th September including £50 indoor bike trainer and £15 lights

Gear up for the winter with these Aldi cycling bargains including clothing and an indoor trainer

The Aldi Specialbuys cycling sales have become popular with cost-conscious cyclists over the years and there's another chance to grab a bargain on 28th September in stores and online. To give you an idea of what you can expect in this latest sale, here’s an overview.

With the evenings drawing in now is a good time to consider moving some of your cycle training to the safety of indoors, and with six levels of resistance adjustment and a secure but foldable base, this looks a good option for anyone making the first steps into the world of indoor suffering. Aldi will be offering a reasonably priced Indoor Bike Trainer (£49.99).

Front & Rear LED Bike Lights 03.jpg

If you hate the idea of indoor cycling and are determined to keep pedalling outside, then you might want to check out the Front & Rear LED Bike Lights (£14.99) or High-Performance Bike Lights (£12.99) that will be available.  Lights have improved hugely over the years with advances in LED and battery technology, and while you can spend a fortune on the very best lights, there are also some bargains to be had.

Camera and Bike Light.jpg

If you want to record your ride, whether for recording close passes (hopefully you’ll have none of those) or just showing your friends and family the highlights of your ride, the Camera and Bike Light (£39.99) does all that as well as combining an integrated rear light. There’s 8GB of memory which should be sufficient for recording most of the action.

Let’s move onto cycle clothing. Now, here at, we’ve tested a lot of Aldi clothing in the past couple of years and been consistently impressed, not just at the low prices, but also the level of performance on offer and the startlingly good value for money, which must consider how well something performs its primary function.

Men's Ladies Winter Cycling Jacket 03.jpg

For the upcoming colder months Aldi has some new jackets, tights, gloves, overshoes and more.

The Cycling Rain Jacket (£19.99) and Winter Cycling Jacket (£16.99) are available in a range of sizes for men and women. The Cycling Tights (£13.99) are made from a wind blocking fabric on the front-facing panels, with visibility boosted by the addition of reflective details in key areas. Combine with Heavy Duty Overshoes (£14.99) to (hopefully) keep your lower body dry and warm on the cold and wet days that will be a more regular occurrence in the coming months.

Men's Ladies Cycling Rain Jacket.jpg

Keeping your hands dry in the rain is a tricky business, and neoprene is a useful defendant against the moisture. The Neoprene Cycling Gloves cost £9.99. Accessorise your cycling wardrobe with Sports Leg/Arm Warmers (£8.99) which are really good for extending your summer clothing into the colder autumn months. There are Ergonomic Cycling Socks (£2.99) for rounding out your new outfit. An ideal option for short commutes or hopping on a rental bike with normal clothes, the Waterproof Over-Trousers (£14.99) should keep the road spray and rain at bay.

Men's Ladies Winter Cycling Jacket 02.jpg

Complete the look with the breathable Neoprene Cycling Gloves (£9.99), Sports Leg/Arm Warmers (£8.99) and Ergonomic Cycling Socks (£2.99) – they’re just the thing for those facing a cold commute.

Over the last ten or so years Merino wool has gained huge popularity with cyclists, it’s soft, insulating and never pongs, but it can often be quite pricey. Not so with the new Merino range from Aldi. The Cycling Wind Jersey with Merino (£19.99) and Merino Sports Base Layer (£16.99) plus hats and arm and neck warmers (£5.99) are made from high-quality Merino wool for a bit of luxurious comfort this winter.

Bike Cover 02.jpg

Once you’ve done a ride, it’s important to give your bike a bit of TLC. Muc-Off (£3.49) cleaner and Bike Maintenance Spray (£1.99) are better cleaning products than washing liquid and will clean and protect your bike.

Floor Bike Stand 01.jpg

For storing your bike check out the Floor Bike Stand (£14.99) and compact Mini Bike Stand (£14.99), ideal for those short on space. Finally, tuck your bike up at night with the Bike Cover (£9.99).

Like the sound of all that? Make sure to set a reminder on your calendar for 28th September and either head online to your nearest Aldi store to grab a Specialbuys bargain before they undoubtedly sell out. More at

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