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Portland's Speedvagen is coming to the UK this month

Speedvagen's European fitting tour hits London later this month

We’ve followed the progress of Portland-based company Speedvagen over the years, its custom steel bikes made by renowned framebuilder Sacha White standing out for their high level of design and finish.


They’re intended to be minimalist modern race bikes and each is bespoke for the individual owner. The most recent creation is the OG Classic, a modern steel frame with a vintage twist, and a couple of years ago it added disc brakes to its road and cross bike models.

And now they’re coming to the UK. Because each frame is produced by hand directly for the customer, the fit is critical to the process. While you could send fit data over to Portland or travel over there for a consultation, Speedvagen has decided to embark on a European tour, providing potential customers with the chance to get a fit with founder Sacha White, as well as the opportunity to test ride a bike.


The fitting touring will be hosted by Rapha at it’s Soho Clubhouse in London from 31st August to 9th September. There will also be the chance to test ride a Speedvagen as well, and they’ll also be hosting group rides, open houses and Fit Clinics.

You can find out more and register your interest here 

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