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Cycling app of the week: 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs

Battle your way through some of the most infamous climbs in Britain with this app to inform and motivate you

What is it?
It might seem self-explanatory, but the app version of the 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs book by Simon Warren really brings this list to life. It not only lists the climbs and gives information that you’d find in the book, but it also uses your phone’s GPS to locate them.

Cycling app of the week: Relive 
UK cycling climbs scratch-off map 

The app can be seamlessly linked with Strava, and when your ride history has been processed your home page will display a ‘100 Climbs Score’, showing how many you’ve completed. The bigger the score, the bigger the bragging rights! The stats are readily displayed so you can view your metrics.

The interactive map can be instantly directed to the base of each climb, and from here you can view a factfile which gives you all the vital info about the gradient, length and difficulty ratings.

What makes it unique?

It’s probably the most comprehensive interactive list of climbs in Britain all under one ‘roof’, and the seamless Strava syncing plus motivational scoring system sets it apart from similar apps. The numerous options to easily customise, according to difficulty, geography or simply by which climb is nearest to you, is also a neat feature. Though lists like these are always going to be a cause for debate and will chop and change, 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs has managed to position itself as an official voice on the subject in a fairly short space of time.

cycling climbs.png


How can it help me?

As well as being informative this app provides some pretty good motivation to get more out of your rides, and perhaps find a fabled climb closer to your front door than you might have thought. There’s nothing like getting fitter on your quest for bragging rights to conquer all the best hills in the UK! If you go back to tackle the climbs again having improved, the app will give you a really good digital chart of your progress.


Where can I get it?

100 greatest cycling climbs is available on iPhone or Android, priced at £5.99 on both platforms. Or if you’re feeling old school… you could also buy the book here!

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NorthEastJimmy | 6 years ago

I came across this through Strava a few weeks ago.  I haven't spent a penny on apps for at least a couple of years but thought this seemed worth it.  I've done two climbs since, one of them I cycle near quite often and didn't even know exsisted!

There are two I thought I'd done already and was expecting to be ticked off after downloading but found I'd either gone up and down the opposite way or done a slightly different segment, like Rest & Be Thankful, for example.  I'll just have to go back and do them properly!

Obviously there will be those that think;

  • It's a waste of money
  • You could just pin up a map in your garage
  • Do your own research on which climbs need to be climbed

If it results in getting you out and trying new routes then there's no argument to be had.


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