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Dorset-based Sven Cycles launch semi-customised bikes

Semi-custom steel road, touring and adventure bikes now available from award-winning Sven Cycles

Sven Cycles, an award-winning framebuilder based in Dorset, has recently unveiled plans to offer customers a semi-custom option on its range of bikes, including the Roadster, Pathfinder and Wayfarer. 

As you no doubt know, custom steel bikes are very popular at the moment with a thriving framebuilding scene popping up across the UK in recent years, as more cyclists are lured by the beauty of a fully customised steel bike, and helped by recent advancements in steel tubing.

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Not everyone wants or needs a fully bespoke bike though, and Sven Cycles has decided to offer a range of semi-custom bikes which are a lot more affordable than the full bespoke option it offers. We’ve seen a few other small framebuilders offer this option in recent years, including Tom Donhou with his signature steel series. 

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Each bike will be offered in standard sizes and specifications, with each frame is still handbuilt and painted to the same standards as the full custom frames in the company’s Weymouth workshop.

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The three models include the Roadster, a bike inspired by the traditional British roadster. It’s intended to be ideal for the daily commute, with an upright position and flat swept back handlebar, front rack and hub gear with a chain guard to protect trousers from the oily chain. The Roadster will cost from £1,500. 

sven pathfinder.jpg

The Pathfinder is an on and off-road touring bike ideal for the growing trend of gravel, adventure and bikepacking, it’s a bike that can turn its hand to just about any sort of cycling. The Pathfinder will cost between £2,000 and £3,200 depending on the equipment. 

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Finally, the Wayfarer is a modern take on a lightweight touring bike, with a frame made from Reynolds 853 with a sporty but not extreme riding position. It’s feature-packed, with eyelets for mudguards, racks and dynamos, and the pictured bike is built with a hub gear for simplicity and low maintenance. The Wayfarer will cost between £2,800 and £3,500.

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