Selle Italia’s futuristic SP01 carbon saddle with “suspension link movement”

Selle Italia develops new carbon fibre saddle with a rather unique split design

“Welcome to a new age for the saddle,” says Selle Italia in the press release for its new SP01 saddle which it claims offers “futuristic design, superb comfort and outstanding performance levels.”

Sounds like the marketing team has gotten carried away a little, but what is causing such excitement? Well, Italian saddle specialist Selle Italia has developed a carbon fibre saddle weighing 125g with a split design that allows the two halves of the saddle to move during pedalling.

It says this split design, which it calls “suspension link movement” can support the movement of the pelvis without compromising stability while pedalling. It offers no more insight into the supposed benefits of the design than that, so we’ve contacted them to try and find out a little more detail. 

Selle Italia doesn’t say much about the actual suspension properties of the SP01, instead, going for the improved pedalling efficiency angle in its press release. We do wonder if the unique shape of the rear section of the saddle could provide obvious seated compliance benefits for dealing with rougher roads. 

SP 01 - emozionale.jpg

Aside from the split design, the saddle is made from carbon composite materials with the rails moulded to the upper to create a lightweight product. A microfibre cover conceals a slim layer of foam padding. 

It’s not going to be cheap, this new saddle, but then you already guessed that. It will cost €349 and won’t be available until July 2017. 

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