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Bespoked UK Handmade Bicycle Show 2016: 100 exhibitors revealed for sixth show

100 of the finest framebuilders and designer to assemble in Bristol on 15-17th April 2016

In a few short years, the Bespoked UK Handmade Bicycle Show has become a huge attraction for independent frame builders and discerning cyclists alike, and for 2016 the show will host 100 of the finest frame builders and designers from around the world in Brunel’s Old Station in Bristol on 15-17th April 2016.

Ted James Design Cyclo Cross.jpg

This sixth edition of the popular show is a rare chance for people to meet the talent behind some of the most prestigious brands, from the likes of Shand Cycles to Baum Cycles, Donhou Bicycles to Saffron Frameworks. The show is open from 15th April for the afternoon and all weekend from 16-17th April. Advance tickets cost £10 and can be purchased now from

“Framebuilders and cycle visionaries will come from as far afield as Australia to show their latest creations, and will be on hand to discuss your dream bicycle – be that the lightest titanium road bike built for speed and comfort, a robust adventure bike for weekend expeditions into the wild, or a cargo bike from which to run a business,” say the organisers.

Shand Bahookie Single Speed.jpg

Here are some of the 2016 highlights:

  • Sven Cycles bringing and talking about the sustainable Forager Bike built for Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall’s River Cottage - it even has a BBQ on it!
  • Shand Cycles regaling tales from their Transcontinental Race experience
  • The welcome return of Demon Frameworks - bicycles with intricate handmade lugs and exquisite attention to detail
Robin Mather Adventure Tourer loaded.jpg


  • The award winning Saffron Frameworks unveiling his new creations at the show
  • Keim’s beautiful, sculptural wooden bikes from France
  • All the way from Australia: Baum Cycles’ titanium bicycles and Bastion Cycles’ unique combination of titanium and carbon fibre
  • Framebuilding schools The Bicycle Academy, Downland Cycles and Bicycles By Design will be there inspiring the next generation of framebuilders
  • The godfathers of bicycle tubing, Columbus and Reynolds, will be on hand to talk metal
  • Tom Donhou’s Rapha + Liberty collaboration bikes will be on show and you can hear him talk about the project
  • And here is the full 2016 exhibitor list:
  • Aske Bikes
  • Atomic 22
  • August Bicycles
  • Bawldwin Ti
  • Bastion Cycles
  • Baum
  • Bear Bikes
  • Beaumont Bicycle
  • Before Carbon
  • Bicebicycles
  • Bike Science
  • Blacksmith Bikes
Hartley Cycles Utility Bike.jpg


  • Boneshaker Magazine
  • Boo Cycles (Prestige Cycles)
  • Brelis
  • Brooks England
  • Bureau Fidder
  • Busyman Bicycles
  • Cloud 9 Cycles
  • COFA EngineeringColumbus
  • ColourBolt
  • Condor Cycles
  • Cycleworx
  • Craddock Cycles
  • Daccordi S.R.L
  • Dear Susan
  • Demon Frameworks
  • Downland Cycles Ltd
  • Dynamoworks
  • Engineered Bicycles
  • Enigma
  • Evanston Bike Works
  • Findra

Donhou Rapha + Liberty Town Bike.jpg
  • Granule Frameworks
  • Gregory Frames
  • Hallett Handbuilt Cycles
  • Hartley Cycles
  • Hevans Custom Cycles
  • Henderson Cycles
  • Hilton Cycles
  • Invicta
  • Iris cycling uk
  • Juergen Putzi
  • Keim
  • King frameworks
  • Kingdom Cycles
  • Kumo Cycles
  • LD  Frameworks
  • Legend
  • Llewellyn Custom Bicycles
  • LocoMachine
  • Malcolm Custom Bicycles
  • Mawis-Bikes
  • Mack Workshop
  • Massifcentral
  • Merivale Cycle Works
  • Middle of Nowhere
  • Merényi Bicycles
  • Mosaic (Prestige Cycles)
  • Moss Bikes
  • Moulton Bicycles
  • Munin Bikeworks
  • Mustard (Prestige Cycles)
  • Nevi
  • Number 22 (Prestige Cycles)
  • Oram Kaye
  • Passoni (Prestige Cycles)
  • Petersbike
  • Phoenix Hotworks
  • Pinkerton Cycle Restorations
  • Prestige Cycles
  • Quirk Cycles
  • Quoc Pham
  • Really Useful Bicycles
  • Reilly Cycle Works
  • Reynolds Technology
  • Restrap
  • RIH Sport Amsterdam
  • Robin Mather Cycles
  • Rohloff
  • Rowan Frameworks


  • Rusby Cycles
  • Ryan Builds Wheels
  • Saffron Frameworks
  • Shand
  • SON
  • Sputnik Tool
  • Strada Wheelss
  • Stanforth Cycles
  • Sven Cycles
  • Swallow Bespoke
  • Swrve
  • Talbot Frameworks
  • Ted James Design
  • Titchmarsh Cycles
  • The Bicycle Academy
  • Toad Custom Cycles
  • Varonha frame works
  • Velocity Sports Cycling
  • Winter Bicycles
  • Wittson Custom Ti Cycles

More details at

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